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J. Ocean Eng. Technol. 1998;12(2):111-120.
Study on the Settling Process of Cohesive Sediment
Sin, Dong-Su;Bae, Gi-Seong;
Gyeongsang National University;Gyeongsang National University;
점착성 퇴적물의 침강특성에 관한 연구
Key Words: Cohesive Sediment, Suspended Concentration, Settling Velocity, Flocculation, Mud, (��)
핵심용어: 점착성퇴적물, 부유농도, 침강속도, 응집
Laboratory settling experiments (column, recirculating flume) were conducted for further understanding of the physical processes of cohesive sediment transport. In still water experiments, the growth rate of flocculation is dependent upon the initial suspended concentration. Consequently, the settling velocity increases with concentration of flees. In flocculation settling regime, the exponent n in the settling velocity, $w_s=kC^n$, for Nakdong estuary mud was obtained empirically. The exponents were found to be 1.33, and 1.06 for the initial suspended concentrations of 1 g/i and 3 g/t, respectively. In flowing water, experiments for the median settling velocity with Nakdong mud in a recirculating flume were conducted. Settling velocity was found to depend much more strongly on the current velocity than initial concentrations. The temporal variation of suspended concentration increases as current velocity decreases.


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